Automotive Photography & Reportage

CLS 450 4Matic for SL Mercedes Revue magazine

Freelance work:

  • Photography: car reviews, event reportage
  • Consultanty: advice on selling classic cars and collections
  • Route design: amateur touring, DauwtrappeRS dawn raid
  • Write ups: reportage, interview, car history, biography

For 2 years I was lead-editor for Dutch car magazines Onschatbare Klassieker magazine, RS Porsche Magazine and SL Mercedes Revue. Since the turn of the century I develop a personal network of professionals in the international car world.

More information? Call / app +31 (0)6 1308 0313 or send me an email. Maybe check my LinkedIn for details.


You might be familiar with my online profile Dinkel on Pistonheads: the (UK’s) biggest motoring forum. For about 15 years I post my blogs there and many watermarked photos wander around the internet. Pistonheads is one of the best and diverse car communities in the world. It’s fun, interesting, educational and a great place to make friends. Pistonheads has a vast audience of passionate readers.
There’s a big chance you landed on this website because you’ve found my pictures or have read a Pistonheads autoblog. Scroll down this page to find only a brief list of Car Photography and Autoblogs or explore Dinkel’s topics on Pistonheads.

Google ‘Dinkel + Pistonheads + type of car’ to find my photos on the internet. Free pictures (700 and 1000 pixels wide) have a © watermark. Please respect the copyright for reproduction. Ask for the big file if you want one. Many who did now have posters in their caves. 

Are you interested in my my photography?

Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do. I work freelance and on commission: reportage, storytelling, articles for web and magazine. One-day jobs in The Netherlands and anything more substantial are open for discussion.


Photography blogs on the Pistonheads community platform here.

Autoblogs on this website:

  1. Waarom zien we de FIAT Linea (Weekend) niet in Nederland?
  2. Classic cars for sale
  3. Houdt Nederland niet van compacte sedans?
  4. Hoe duurzaam is een gebruikte auto?
  5. Business case: Mulder-Mazda magic
  6. Mercedes-Benz prijscouranten
  7. De Zaak: Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 2.0 Hybrid / Kia ProCeed / Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV /
  8. Publicaties op Pistonheads
  9. Photography for historic racing car teams
  10. Onsterfelijk: Ayrton Senna
  11. Stefan Bellof: waarom daar?
  12. De oorsprong van de Italiaanse auto-industrie
  13. Automotive Photography & Reportage

Spa 6 Hours – Historic racing

• Spa Summer Classic 2018 – Pistonheads
• Spa 6 Hours 2017 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2015 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2014 – racing cars – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2014 – classics car park – Pistonheads
Spa Summer Classics 2014 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2013 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2012 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2011 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2010 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2009 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2008 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2008 Chevron pics – Chevron-website
Spa 6 Hours 2008 Lola pics – Lola Heritage-website
Spa 6 Hours 2008 Lola pics – Classic
Spa 6 Hours 2008 –
Spa 6 Hours 2008 team-up
Spa 6 Hours 2007 and ’06 Chevron pics – Chevron-website
Spa 6 Hours 2007 Lola pics – Lola Heritage Scrapbook
Spa 6 Hours 2007 and ‘Ring-trip – Pistonheads
Convoy to Spa 6 Hours 2007 – Pistonheads
Spa 6 Hours 2006 Lola pics – Lola Heritage Scrapbook
Spa 6 Hours 2006 – Pistonheads


Pistonheads-article: interview with Dutch car-designer Michiel van der Brink
British Car magazine article: Land Rover 109 Safari

Blurb photobooks (to order):

• Spa 6 Hours 2008 book
• Spa 6 Hours 2007 book
• Spa 6 Hours 2006 book

Marketing classic cars

Modern marketing starts from a Customer Journey perspective (what does a client like or want?) which is a good and objective basis for Buyer Based Marketing. I use Market Demand Insights provided via interviews and research to meet todays buyers expectations. Product based marketing is not what your customers are looking for. To get to their solution or touch their dreams todays buyers journeys need additional information to the story that’s already in the heads and hearts of your prospects. Help your market with their Buyers Journey and provide for the valuable steps towards engagement and conversion. Blogs and social media may have a more important role in this than you might think. And a website? Well, last 10 years markets use social media to search and find the information to make progress towards a conversion. And yes, this process usually takes a while: that’s why it works so well.

Today everyone use their laptops, smartphones and tablets to search and find on the internet. Prospects (your future buyers) are also looking on the internet. For example to find the car which they are passionate about and maybe once buy. Do you like to know more about offering your car via the internet? Just drop me a mail to discuss about this subject.

Content marketing to reach an audience for your car(s)

Inbound Marketing (landing pages) and Social Media (storytelling) will be in your favour to reach your audience and get them to buy, or at least to get them aware of your proposition. My role is to join and connect your story to the Buyer’s Journey. I use my 25 years of B2B- and B2C-business experience with journalist knowledge, graphic design skills and commercial feel. My purpose is to connect with commercial parties in the automotive industry and provide for serious content marketing material (background articles, reviews, blogs, reportage) to built an Online Presence that cannot be ignored by todays demanding markets.

Interested in inbound and content marketing for your business?

Please mail me to exchange ideas. I am looking forward to meet companies who’d like to know their customers so well that they can anticipate on their needs and meet their expectations.

Classic Wings & Wheels 2019

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  1. Dear Albert
    I would like to ask permission to use a picture you posted on Pistonheads some years ago of TVR 2.
    Please would you be so kind as to contact me.

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