Digital Transformation must reads and clips

Blog: Want to be more Agile? Focus less on the tool.
“The focus on the tool takes such a prominent role in an organization’s adoption of Agile that it causes the fundamentals to be overlooked.” – The Medium / The Startup

Blog: Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis
Link to PDF, (Wikipedia: Cynefin offers five decision-making contexts: simple, (recently renamed clear by Dave Snowden), complicatedcomplexchaotic and disorder. Cynefin helps managers to identify how they perceive situations and make sense of their own and other people’s behaviour. – Cynefin Framework

Blog: Agile is dead
“Either someone has an incomplete understanding of the approaches, or they’re forming their opinion through the lens of an unsuccessful implementation attempt.”Brave Geeks developers

Blog: The anti-agile manifesto
“The manifesto shows us (…) a brighter and better way of software development is possible when you work hard, study hard and believe hard enough.”Agile Insider

Blog: Scrum FAQs
“Many professionals have received only a few days of training, little to no coaching, and are struggling to get benefit from the way they are working. To me it becomes clear they lack even the most basic knowledge about what Scrum is or why they are using it.” – Neil Killick (bio)

Blog: 11 tips on how to avoid or stop story spillover in Scrum
“Do you struggle to complete planned stories within the timebox in a scrum, or your team struggle?” – Naveen Kumar Singh (bio)

Post: Digitale Transformatie: voorbereiden op continue innovatie
“Is innovatie nodig om te overleven? Wat denk je zelf… Disruptie is aan de orde van de dag.” – Albert Mensinga (bio)

Blog: Running Scrum or Kanban Doesn’t Mean You Are Doing Agile
“Agile is not only about breaking down stories into smaller pieces, that is just part of the process. The principle should be to start from basic, and focus on the highest priority issues.” – Aaron Fan (bio)

Blog: Tips voor het opzetten van een nieuwe onderneming
Over ‘Hippy, Hacker, Hustler’ en de noodzaak tot schaalbaarheid. – Thijs Verheul (bio)

Post: “People never get credit for a problem that didn’t happen”
Check voor rake cartoons. – Serge Huybrechts (bio)

Blog: “Agile is like playing jazz music”
“Sinds een jaar of tien weet ik dat mijn aanpak van werken een naam heeft en ‘agile’ heet.” – Albert Mensinga (bio)

Post: Hans Rosling: kennis is nog geen begrip
“Deze TED-clip uit 2006 is een openbaring voor iedereen die denkt dat kennis hetzelfde is als begrip.” – TED video (bio)

Clip: Will Smith over Failure

“Fail early, fail often and fail forward.” – YouTube (bio)

Blog: Top-10 inzichten Digitale Transformatie
“Digitale Transformatie gaat niet over een oerwoud van ICT-producten en hoe je die in je huidige organisatie perst.” – MetaFactory (website)

Blog: Focus op de Customer Journey
“Automatiseren volgens de driehoek Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership en Operational Excellence.” – MetaFactory (website)

Clip: Dan Pink: the puzzle of motivation

“Social scientists often know and most managers don’t…” – TED video (website/bio)

Blog: “Investing in technology to improve the customer experience has been part of our ethos from the outset,” says Bob Christnacht, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Pendleton Woolen Mills. – Via Deloitte