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Juli 2021 – I’m happy my stories are published by UK specialist magazine Mercedes Enthusiast. Since the August/September 2021 issue each publication will contain a story written by me with photography by either Noortje Blokland or Casper Heij.

Between 2001 and 2003 I met the Pistonheads community. I started to post in the forums from October 2002 and ran homepage topics about a year later. A long list of photoblogs can be found on my profile page. Between 2003 and 2006 I sourced subjects for their daily news feed. Long story short: I met 1,001 car dealers and collectors, racing teams, got invited by Lola, made stills for a GT Racer episode and so on. My list of trusted contacts increased. Although I’m Dutch my focus is international. And for a reason: passion for classic cars knows no bounds.

In 2017 to 2019 I was lead-editor of Dutch RS Porsche Magazine and Onschatbare Klassieker and contributed to SL Mercedes Magazine. After that I went the other way… But not for long.

Autumn 2020 I wrote a story about ‘A real Peaky Blinder’s gang car’. Just for fun. Spring 2021 I investigated which international magazines could be interested in publishing. A handful responded and Mercedes Enthusiast offered to publish my efforts. I made a list of topics, contacted a few relations and I kicked off.

So far five reportages are agreed for production in the 2021 and 2022 issues. Let’s have a look:

Article 01 – The Reinier Groenveld collection
ME August / September 2021, page 44-48

Mercedes Enthusiast August / September 2021, page 44-48

Reinier Groenveld opens the doors to his (then) 57-piece Benz collection. I brought photographer Casper Heij to inspect the stock in Reinier’s vault-like shed and wrote the words for a 5 page article.

Reinier in front of only a selection of his jewels

Article 02 – Monceau Automobiles eSLC #001
ME October / November 2021, page 56-60

Mercedes Enthusiast October / November 2021, page 42-45 & page 56-60

First ever drive in the all electric Monceau Automobiles eSLC is a revelation. Some say it drives even better than a contemporary EV… Photographer Noortje Blokland did a great job capturing the beauty of this gem.

Snapshots kindly provided by photographer Noortje Blokland.

Article 03 – Review E50 AMG and SL60 AMG
ME October / November 2021 , page 42-45

E50 AMG and SL60 AMG on the move

Brutal AMG road warriors still offer huge value for money.

Article 04 – Review W114, 115 and 123
ME February / March 2022, page 42-45

Fantastic coverage of 70s Das Haus workhorse w114 and successor w123. Start reading from page 34 and enjoy photography by Noortje Blokland.

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