2002 Alfa Romeo 916 Spider 2.0 TS Phase 2b Lusso

  • Lusso Momo interior
  • Winter: Vredestein Wintrac 205/55/R16 on 10-point star truckwheels
  • Summer: Vredestein Ultrac 205/55/R16 on original Teardrops


April 2024

  • ToDo/Done: summer tyres, leather out and cloth seats in, odometer switch, check slight oil leak front (or is it water…?)
  • Wishlist: front brake upgrade to 305mm, gear stick smoothness and 5th, rev counter
  • Experience: Dutch Octane Cars & Coffee #6, several spring outings
  • Driven: well over 1,000 kms

March 2024

  • Done: a wash, Sunday 17 Spider Tour
  • Experience: after about 7,000 kms Twinny Spider behaved pretty good
  • Driven: hardly 1,000 kms…

February 2024

  • Done: a wash!
  • Experience: oil consumption seems to get better
  • Driven: about 1,500 kms

January 2024

  • Done: lock cleaning and greasing, spacers added to make the 10-point stars fit, full set of 4 new wintertyres, fix hood folding handle, 0.5 litre 10w60, alarm lights, hood smooth folding
  • Experience: so many smiles per mile, what a car!
  • Driven: about 1,300 kms

December 2023

  • Done: USB connections with kill switch, headlights upgrade, steering rack adjustment, rear window replacement, 0.5 litre 10w60, fresh winter tyres and a set used 10-point stars, fuse
  • Experience: four equal tyres make all the difference, razor sharp steering and grippy in the dry
  • Driven: approx 1,000 kms

November 2023

  • ToDo: DIN box to replace radio for dual USB input (iPhone charge)
  • ToDo: two cuts in rear window, replacement NOS window found!
  • ToDo: headlights upgrade
  • Done: fuse box holder fell out, inner tyre valve replacement, 0.5 litre 10w60
  • Experience: top-end is getting better
  • Driven: approx 1,600 kms

October 2023

  • Bought: tuesday 10, 2002 916 Spider 2.0 TS (Alfa 916 register, info) built by Pininfarina, sourced at Italian car Specialist Van Neerijnen (Utrecht, NL)
  • Saturday 13, first test drive
  • Friday 20: pick up with fresh MOT, new clutch, belts + pump, rear brakes, and bought a protective hood
  • Fault headlights
  • Driven: approx 1,000 kms