Content marketing to reach audience for your car

Inbound marketing, content marketing, automotive industry

Commercial work for the automotive industry

As a contentmarketeer I produce content for Buyer Journey projects. Modern marketing starts from a Buyer Persona perspective. A good and objective basis for Buyer Based marketing are Market Demand Insights provided via interviews and research. Todays Product Based marketing is not what your customers are looking for. To get to their sollution or reach their dream todays markets need and want additional information to the story that’s already in their heads and hearts. Help your market with their Buyers Journey and provide for the valuable steps towards engagement and conversion.

Inbound Marketing (landing pages) and Social Media (storytelling) will be in your favour to reach your audience and get them to buy. My role is to join and connect your story to the Buyer Journey. I use my 25 years of B2B- and B2C-business experience with journalist knowledge and commercial feel.

My purpose is to connect with commercial parties in the automotive industry and provide for serious content marketing material (background articles, reviews, blogs, reportage) to built an Online Presence that cannot be ignored by todays demanding markets.

Kind regards, Albert Mensinga

Interested in inbound and content marketing for your automotive industry? Please mail me at to get to know each others ideas. I am looking forward to meet those companies who understand the need of their markets.

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