For sale – Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1967 6.3 V8

For sale – Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1967 6.3 V8

Immaculate and unique right hand drive 6.3 litre 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (SRH 2958) restored and upgraded to perfection: truly a benchmark in terms of style and appearance.


This 1967 Silver Shadow (61.000 original miles) is an example of excellence in terms of restoration and conservation, and unique in many ways. SRH 2958 is ‘in a league of its own’ and overall ‘beyond category’. The asking price is accordingly. Are you interested in this car? Or do you know anyone who would? Please read the information below and contact me via email. Only serious bidders will go to the next round: introduction to the current owner and his car. This Silver Shadow is stored in a climate controlled environment. After few preparation SRH 2958 should be ready for a test drive.

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According to the period press upon introduction in 1965 the Silver Shadow was ‘a breaking point with the classic Rolls Royce tradition’. For the conservative Rolls Royce enthusiast this could be a reason to pass up this model. In today’s sales you may have noticed the Silver Shadow has become an entry level Rolls Royce. 20,000 – 30,000 euros you can buy a decent one. The Silver Shadows offered for less represent the bottom of the market and are not comparable to the more seriously maintained cars. Needless to say like any luxury car – and a Rolls Royce / Bentley is up there in the highest segment – a relevant maintenance history and a top notch presentation are needed to prevent additional (unexpected) investments.


Compared to the preceding Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III (1962-1966) the Silver Shadow was a revolutionary vehicle. And it shows in both comfort and driveability. The first thing to notice is the design of the bodywork, which is much more modern than the heavily accentuated and stately Silver Cloud coach. Both designs came from the hand of John Polwhele Blatchley who until 1969 was the chief designer at Rolls Royce. A major reason for this design choice is the accessibility to international audiences, and particularly the United States.

> “Ten years later, the Silver Shadow – Rolls-Royce’s biggest selling model ever – came along. With the rapid decline of the chauffeur, it was aimed at a new type of buyer: the owner-driver. Styling this car was very much an architectural exercise. The specification demanded it be lower, narrower and shorter, with better visibility and luggage space, and a bigger petrol tank. My biggest challenge was getting all this paraphernalia, plus passengers, into a car that still looked all right.”
That he did this is borne out by the Shadow’s Peter Pan looks – clean and elegant even now. <

Quote from the article ‘John Blatchley: Shaper of the modern Rolls-Royce’
© / Giles Chapman


About taste in design, you may argue. But safety and handling are not debatable. With the Silver Shadow Rolls Royce made hefty progress on safety with the introduction of disc brakes, a self-supporting body-construction and independent rear suspension. For SRH 2958 the hydro-pneumatic (Citroen) suspension is removed.


The enthusiasts of the Citroën DS and CX know the benefits of comfort and constant ride height, but for the Silver Shadow this system proved no advantage. Rolls Royce recognized this and since 1969 it was applied only to the rear axle. Leo Stoffels has removed the system and returned to conventional Bilstein technique. Rolls Royce & Bentley specialist ‘Stoffels Classic Cars’ is responsible for the majority of the modifications, restoration and maintenance.


The first subseries of Silver Shadow ran from 1965 to 1967. This purest form is regarded by enthusiasts as the most desirable guise. The description of specifications (below) respects the conversion to these early variants. Also included are numerous modifications (executed with respect and in style) to make this car ‘near perfect’.


With over 38,000 models produced (including the comparable Bentley’s, which differ only in badge and naming) the Silver Shadow is the most successful Rolls Royce to date. Until 1969, a 6.3 litre version of the V8 was used. The later 6.7-litre is considered by fans as less enjoyable. In 1980 the Silver Shadow was succeeded by the Silver Spirit.

Experience: a good morning – driving this Silver Shadow

In July 2013 I met the owner of SRH 2958. During the second edition of my annual Dutch Spring Run tour I chose to be the navigator for one or two participants. This Silver Shadow was my first choice.


In appearance there is really nothing to bargain with this car. The sleek two-tone Rolls offers both a tough and a chic look. Once inside I imagined myself being in a gentlemen’s club: spacious and extremely comfortable, spotless without being clinical, tasteful in a way that manufacturers of todays luxury cars simply can not match.

A perfect de-stresser
MagnoliaK006 Don’t search for patina because you won’t find it. There are no clues other than the styling that this is a 1967 car. I’m from 1967 and you will notice! The doors are an entrance to an ‘effortless stay’ and a comfortable ‘go’ wherever you need to be going. Once inside the volume of the Silver Shadow feels substantial and impressive but not as daunting as some 50s/60s American luxury cars. It’s like sitting in a living room on wheels and while riding the scenery passes you by in complete silence. A perfect de-stresser if there ever was one.

Silence is golden
When we had our sanitary stop halfway our legge I was shocked almost by the chirping of birds in the forest. I asked the owner to drive me past. And indeed: besides the crunch of tires on the dirt road and the light tapping of the 16 valves there was no sound to come above the rustle of the fresh spring leaves.

MagnoliaP006The perfection of the restoration (actually it’s a thorough modification) is performed with great passion and dedication. All updates are fully integrated into the classic 60s style and ooze period British Class. More class than a Jaguar from the era? You bet. I can’t imagine a restoration to top this, without being ‘over the top’ and thus will look awfully wrong.

Driving in and with this 1967 Silver Shadow is a relaxing experience which should not include violent cornering or rapid sprints. That is not what Rolls Royce are designed for. Except maybe for the contemporary cars produced after the Volkswagen / BMW (1998) takeover. As an addition to the self-evident Rolls Royce luxury and comfort these cars received a performance boost that the purists often find less appealing.

MagnoliaP008This offered Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is in a perfect condition and can not be compared with any classic Rolls Royce / Bentley from the 1960s to 1990s that I’ve ever seen up close. The future owner can look forward to a truly perfect driving machine. Gasoline, air and proper maintenance will be his or her only concern.

How does this 1967 Rolls Royce drive?
Owner Hans bought his car to last his lifetime. And it shows. Both interior and exterior look beyond mint. The gorgeous twotone black & grey dress up the Royce to streetsmart appearance. It is classy and tough-looking at the same time and it makes a great match with the newly done upholstery. Once inside it’s class all over the place. Often a Rolls’ office is neglected or simply avoided in the overhaul budget. On this car that is so much not the case.
With the driversseat on the right side, lots of wood around and light brown / off white leather I’d swear this car is no less than a part of UK’s territory. I can’t wait. Let’s go! Oh sorry, the 6.3 litre OHV V8 was already at idle.

All you hear is the wind and maybe the tires. From outside the mechanical sound noticeable – I’d not call it noise – are the tapping valves is. From 28 kmh on the 4-speed GM auto chooses 4th gear to carry on and go. The engine delivers pull from 500 to 2000 and there’s torque whenever you need it. We had a lovely and perfect drive for the 1st part of the day: country lanes sweeping through villages and stretches through fresh spring forrest. Hans had a great time and repeatingly called out his entusiasm for my route: “How beautifull is Holland?” DSR veterans already know. We never had a Rolls though.

Exterior and engineering (electrical and hydraulic)
• Full bare metal respray in two tone: Diamond Black and Tudor Grey (original Rolls Royce color combination).
Full antirust treatment RX5 and RX10.
• Chrome work is re-chromed. The inside is treated with zinc oxide primer. Full disassembly and assembly of all materials.
• Boot with Rolls Royce electric lock in combination with central locking, remote controlled.
• 22 carat gold-plated Flying Lady / Spirit of Ecstasy front ornament.
• Badge bar on front bumper.
• Unique chrome fuel cap.

• 4 new headlamps fitted with Xenon lighting with invisible mounted ballasts. Done by Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist Leo Stoffels.
• White colored side markers instead of original orange (to be included on request).
• Lamp lenses are renewed.
• 2 original 1966 Lucas LR 8 headlights, with original switch and built-in lighting.
• New heavy duty Bosch battery.
• Conversion from 12V DC to 12V AC, new dynamo in existing housing. Implementation by Leo Stoffels
• Conversion to electronic ignition with new wiring, new spark plugs, new coil. Implementation by Leo Stoffels.
• Almost all bulbs are replaced by LED lights.
• Original Lucas Electric Screenjet glass wiper fluid reservoir with new (original) bracket, new sticker.

• New steel wheels, black powder coated and fitted with new air valves.
• Set (of 5) original and no longer available Rolls Royce alloy wheels, powder coated (see photos) and featuring the famous stationary Phantom VII logos / center caps. This item is additional and not included in the asking price. Fixed price Euro 4.000,-.
• Polished hubcaps with Diamond Black colored rings. These (4) extremely rare unventilated hubcaps are available as an extra and are not included in the price. Fixed price Euro 350,- each.

• New Bilstein shocks and springs, placed by Leo Stoffels.
• Completely new exhaust and mounting.
• Renewed bonnet insulation.
• Complete overhauled hydraulic system: flexible pipes have been replaced by original Rolls Royce copies. Leo Stoffels has installed 2 new original Rolls Royce actuators.
• Swiss model chrome hydraulic oil reservoir. Implementation by Leo Stoffels.
• (Citroen) front axle level control removed by Leo Stoffels.
• New rubbers suspension front and rear. Implementation by Leo Stoffels.

• Two from inside controlled chromed mirrors placed. These are original to the later Shadow models.
• Door and window seals and gaskets are replaced. At the time of the respray a complete package consisting of some 100 items were posted.
• New modern interior mirror and recessed mounting old mirror.
• Completely overhauled steering column, with rare, ‘wooden’ column shells. Of these, only three copies (sets) were ever manufactured by Rolls Royce.
• Refurbished electric windows, reconditioned Rolls Royce engines. Implementation by Leo Stoffels.

• Complete professionally applied soundproofing on floor and interior. Interior – Completely newly done interior in Connolly leather, in the official Rolls Royce color Magnolia. A a total of 466 hand-crafted panels (extra chrome accents).
• New door cards in 8 mm plastic with Mulliner Park Ward wood inserts / panels. Uniquely for a Silver Shadow and Shadow probably the only in the world with these particular panels.
• Four original Rolls Royce headrests, placed with Rolls Royce embroidered logos. Period this was a pricey extra option.
• New shelf covered with black Connolly leather, no speaker openings.
• New sky upholstery in Magnolia.
• New carpeting and inner liner in Magnolia.
• Included: two matching mat sets in colors Magnolia and Black.

• Extended middle console, custom made to the example of a Shadow II.
• Modern stereo / DVD system, equipped with four speakers and 2 remote controlled color displays.
• Replaced controls for the power seats and power antenna.
• Original Rolls Royce center console accessory tray.
• Full wood-trimmed Hooper steering wheel and horn, made in 1966 and a unique feature (standard Nardi steering wheel consists of two halves).
• Phantom VII (2003) lighters all round.
• Grille under windshield in chrome instead of standard Diamond Black (included).
• Wide-screen navigation system with concealed connection. Implementation by Leo Stoffels.

• Completely re-upholstered trunk with carpeting in color Magnolia, all panels are newly remade. – Upholstery tailgate hinge.
• Custom made replica car jack cover in Connolly leather, color Magnolia. Jack and toolkit are as new.
• Tool set, complete and in perfect condition.
• Centrally positioned kill-switch.
• Four safety belts in matching colors.
• LED interior lighting. – New trip handles.
• New and padded footrests, in Magnolia.
• Original Rolls Royce map lights installed as extra lighting in trunk.
• Professional bare metal (instead of red) fire extinguisher installed (when required and optional, fixed price Euro 250,-).
• Extra original Rolls Royce logos on the picnic tables and center console.
• 7 extra spare keys.

The car is right hand drive and equipped with Dutch license plates. The original British registration materials are available and the car is ready for registration in the United Kingdom.MagnoliaP010

Price on request
Are you a serious bidder? Please send me an email with name, contact details and telephone number. The sale and transfer will take place in the Rotterdam region, the Netherlands.

Before and during the intensive restoration and construction of the car original, rare and virtually unavailable important spare parts such as lighting, chrome, grill, hubcaps, interior design, engineering etc. were collected, sorted and stored. These represent a value of 6,500 euros and are for sale to any interested party or buyer.

MagnoliaP011The new owner will not only acquire an exquisite and fully restored Silver Shadow but also an intensive (photographic) documentation, both in book form and on DVD, which includes the complete restoration.

Please respect the copyright of the owner on the information provided.